June 26, 2011


Some two weeks ago, we went out at 11am to go malling. When we reach home at 4pm, I found it difficult to open the locks of our door. Then I noticed that the door had cracks on the side. John and I were so alarmed for this was the first time an attempted break in our house happened. Though in the past, these bad people had stole our car's side mirror, spare tire, plate number, and yes - even the tire caps!

As John reported the incident to the Barangay Tanod, I've asked my neighbor if they noticed people lurking around. Our neighbor said our dog, Dengue, kept on barking so she kept on looking at our house. She noticed a man riding a bicycle, who seemed to have brought a letter inside.

Dengue alerted our neighbor by barking non-stop. These is one of the three reasons why these bad people did not succeed in totally unlocking our door, and eventually robbing us off with our valuables.

Because these bad people damaged the lock, we couldn't open the deadbolt using our keys so John forcefully kicked the door to break it. As I went inside, I fell into my knees and cried, thinking what would have happened if these bad people were able to get in? It is not about the material things that I'm most concern, but the privacy that these bad people violated. Family and friends are welcome to share joy and laughter inside our home but not these bad people who's only intention is to get stuff they can use for bad reasons.

It is easier to curse these bad people, but I'd rather pray for them. Pray to God to touch their hearts, and turn them from being bad people to good people so that they will not any more victimize another family. May these burglars tribe decrease!


  1. Oh my! I was there at Maligaya Street the other week to visit my dentist. Looking around that area, I thought it's safe to live there because there are "tanods" nearby and the city mayor's house is just steps away. Gosh, I didn't know that burglars are still able to do that there. Be safe sis!

  2. hala Joy..I'm also alarmed lalo na I am only with my kids sa apartment nakakatakot na talaga..but the most important thing is everybody is safe..always be careful and take extra care po..

  3. Oh this is so sad. But on one hand, I'm glad these bad guys weren't able to get inside your house. Nakakatakot na talaga ngayon. Stay safe, joy.

  4. Good to know they were unsuccessful with their intent to rob you. Stay safe!

  5. Maybe you should install an alarm system...our rented unit may years ago had one...burglars abound in that area :-(

  6. this is the day that we dropped by,hay good thing wala syang napala. Actually gusto nya lang magpalit ka ng door.


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