June 19, 2011


I recently given my support to: Concerned Parents International Foundation ( CPIF ). It is a Non-Profit organization, non-stock registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC Reg. No. CN 200308123).

It is a Support Group wherein different families are united in one purpose. The CPIF will implement strategies to reach the most purposes that will provide power to parents by conducting seminars, lectures , cooperatives and livelihood projects.
CPIF's mission is to promote and protect the welfare of parents around the world by providing discussions in which parents are free to the commentary for a prosperous, peaceful, fair, pleasant and harmonious society for the benefit of children.
The views of CPIF is to have an organization in different parts of theworld wherein parents are united for a common purpose to promote the welfare of children and families as a fundamental unit of society.

Newest Manila Chapter of Concerned Parent
The principle of CPIF is to serve for all the family throughout the world.The main concern is to protect the rights and welfare of a parents and family without reservation and serve them regardlessof their color, race and culture.

CPIF's fund comes from contributions and donations and the fund raising activities.

Join and become a member of CPIF Philippines. Share your time, talent and dedication to the Concerned Parents International Foundation. Establish your community group or even volunteer and help conduct seminars, symposium, cooperative and livelihood project. You can also be representative in your area and encourage members of our organization deploy.

A membership fee of P300 goes to the fund of the foundation.


  1. congrats to a new chapter of Concerned Parents!!!

  2. Wow! This is really nice, my friend, thanks for posting and we're very positive that we'll go a long way supported by many. God bless!


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