June 14, 2011

Congressman Dan Fernandez

Congressman Dan Fernandez, a former sexy-action star in the 80’s and 90’s, is helping create positive changes for the environment by helping the Save Palawan Movement.

He starred in films such as, “Cobra,” “Padre Calibre,” and “Alfredo Lim: Batas ng Maynila,” as well as “Mara Clara,” the Philippines’ longest-running soap opera series in the mid-‘90s.

Previous to his stint in the Lower House, Dan has served as board member and vice governor of Laguna beginning in the late ‘90s. His natural charisma among his constituents and the masses, combined with his sincerity to reach out to those in need, are a key to his success in public service.

Dan is married to the former actress Sheila Ysrael and they have three beautiful children.

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  1. Hey, I remember this guy! Congressman na pala sya ngayon. Good job with the aim to save Palawan huh! That province is my favorite. So pretty kasi!!


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