June 19, 2011

Daddy, Dada, Dad

Rafael A. Mendiola Jr., born on July 19, 1974. We call him names (in a good way, that is!) he is Pare to male friends, Tito John to nephews and nieces, John or Raffy in general. He is Tatay or Boyfriend to me. He is an epitome of a real good family man.

He is a very good son, not just to his parents, but mine as well.

He loves me tenderly (that's what I think!)! He's not much of a talker and he hates abusing the word I Love You. Being together for 18 years come September 11, 2011 (we were together September 11, 1993 and married on September 11, 2000) I can count from my fingers and toes the times he said I Love You. Hey, I'm not complaining, you see my husband has his own way of making me feel super special. He makes me coffee and juices and he never get in the way of the things I want to do.

He is a cool uncle. Plays and goofs around yet he never forget to give good advice to nephews and nieces.

Brings them to places too!

He is a dependable, trustworthy and a VERY loyal friend. He only have few friends but he sticks with them for better or for worse, for short and long drive, for iced-tea or for beer, for boring or exciting chats and for long local or distance calls.

And most of all...most important of all, he is an inspiring, caring and loving father to our kids. He is Daddy, Dada, Dad to Julia, Rafael and Juan.

He makes yummy corned beef with potato, mushroom soup and garlic tuna.

He is funny! Super funny, he's not afraid to make silly and ugly faces just to make us laugh.

HAPPY FATHER's DAY to one of the most gorgeous, funny, smart, loving DAD, in the whole wide world!


  1. wow nice meeting u Papa J!!! ur really such a nice person!!!

  2. You deserve such a man as the father of your children and lifetime partner!!! May his tribe increase:-)


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