June 9, 2011

Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist

Three more days and it's school time once again for my little tots. This summer vacation, John and I allowed Julia, Rafael and Juan to stay up til 12 midnight. The problem now is getting back to their usual 8 pm sleep. Good thing there's Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist from The Body Shop. This mist has Jujube date, chamomile, patchouli oils and geranium. These key ingredients is considered to promote deeper sleep, calms and helps to maintain a restful sleep and helps promote tranquility.

The Body Shop is on it's 15th Anniversary Sale (until the 16th of June) that's why we paid half (P625 only!) from the original price of P1,250.

Julia was particularly happy with our purchase, aside from the discount, we were given raffle tickets that would (hopefully) win us P150,000 cash.


  1. yehey sali si Julia sa raffle!!!

  2. effective ba? for linen or for body? I'm a bit confuse.

  3. wow smart shopper! :) julia so cute :)


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