June 28, 2011

Eye Care for Kids

In our bedroom we have a 32-inch television. I noticed everytime Julia watches, she'd squint. And many times I'd ask her if she finds the television small. Julia will say no. I got a little concerned when I still see Julia squinting when watching in our 52-inch television in the living room. There's no reason for her not to see the screen because it's way too big than the one in our bedroom, so I've decided to bring her to Executive Optical for an eye-check up.

(My kids here with our favorite EO Optometrist, Dr. Terry)

These are the findings: Julia - 3.50 (right eye) and 2.25 (left eye) grade, plus she is nearsighted.
Rafael: 0.75 (right eye) and 1.25 (left eye) grade, nearsighted also.

Good thing Juan's eyes are still A-okay.

Some eye care tips that can make a big difference in the children’s vision:

1. When the kids are reading: Make sure that there is an adequate amount of light so your child can see well, without shadows interfering or the need to strain.
2. When the kids are using the computer use: Make sure that a break is taken from the computer every thirty to sixty minutes, so your children allow their eyes to rest frequently.
3. Exercises that can also help: Have your child rotate their eyes in a clockwise and then counterclockwise motion at least a few minutes out of every hour reading, using the computer, watching television or doing their homeworks.
4. The antioxidants called lutein and zeaxantin found in many fruits and vegetables will decrease the risk of eye diseases on children. Fruits and vegentables, such as, kiwi, grapes, spinach, orange, zucchini and squash.


  1. hello Ms. Joy..thank you for the tips po..my eldest po..6 yung daughter ko it has been her habit na to watch near our t.v..I'll do yung exercise for our eyes pati sa akin din hehehe..opo July 19 po ako Ms.Joy..34 po me..2 kids annulled my kids and I are physically abused po oooopss..tsismis..magandang umaga po Ms.Joy :)

  2. tama it is important to take good care of our eyes especially the young ones.

  3. Then again,nearsightedness can be...well, hereditary. It seems to run in families (like mine, like yours?). But yes, things could be worse if we don't take good care of our eyes.

  4. May mga prob n dn pla sa eyes mga kids mo...paano mo nalaman?


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