June 12, 2011


I like my boys with long hair, but school is up tomorrow so I had no choice but to bring them to a hair salon for that much needed hair cut to abide by the rules of their respective schools.

I cried (I'm a drama momma), almost fainted, losing my boys' long hair. Hence, the title of this post GH, not for Good Housekeeping, but for GOODBYE HAIR...goodbye!!!

Even Rafael seems unhappy saying goodbye to his long locks.

Julia had to under go a major hair revamp too.


  1. ang cute naman ng bestfriend ko, lalo pumogi si kuya El at bagay kay ate Julia ang bangs!!!

  2. Beds,ayoko nga sila ng short hair..huhuhuhu, next summer na lang ulit.

  3. try mo rin kaya, same hairstyle sila?;-)

    our jaden had a crew cut last summer ...daddy wanted semi-kalbo but i vetoed it...and his kuyas went, Oh no!!! upon seeing Jaden's cropped hair!
    Our baby used to sport a long hairstyle...kaso ang init last summer, di ba?


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