June 22, 2011

Going Back on a Routine

Last year, when John and I decided not to hire house helps any more, I've also decided to might as well do the laundry. For the whole year of 2010, I've been doing the laundry. But last vacation, March to May 2011, I vowed to enjoy summer, so we went back to an old routine: twice a week laundry at a nearby laundry shop. Unfortunately, most of the colored-clothes turned rainbow-color. Rafael's school patches turned from black to golden brown. Although, I like the smell of a freshly delivered laundry, I dislike the fact that the clothes gets old easily when done there. So once again, I've decided to be all that I can be (that's my drama queen side talking, LOL!) starting June, I've been doing our laundry.

Though I use washing machine, a conventional one not the automatic type, washing the clothes is actually very tiring. Then, you might be asking why I went back. Here are some reasons why doing it makes me happy:

1. Personal and loving touch. The clothes are cared for properly, so white stays white, black stays black and so on.

2. We get to save money (we pay a minimum of Php 550, multiply 2x a week that's Php 1,100. In a month we get to save Php6,000, thus more money can be given to the charities that John and I supports.

3. I get to save water. I invested on these big basins so no water is wasted.

After I wash, all these water goes to the bathroom, so for a day (or until supply lasts, of course!) we have a strict rule at home, no flushing!!! Our kids cannot carry a pail of water from the laundry area to the bathroom, so naturally we have to do it for them. In doing so, John and I get's to exercise our biceps. Our kids have been accustomed to this practice, everytime they'd use the lavatory, they'd ask, "Mom, do we have water for buhos?". Cute, isn't it?

This is one of my advocacy for Mother Earth, help save water.


  1. tama the best ang help natin kay mother earth ganyan din gawa ko pang linis ng kung ano ano ang extra water!!!

  2. kudos to you Ms.Joy! yan din turo ng nanay ko sa'kin yung pinaglabhan wag itapon kaso wala kami malalaki basins (this post gave me an idea to invest with basins)

  3. nobody does things better than a loving mom...it all boils down to that eh...we pour in lots of love in everything we do for our family, including these (simple) household chores. Go, Mom Joy!!!

  4. very economy wise, mommy joy. i love reading your green post. reminds me of my parents before that we also use water from washing laundry to water flushing the toilet. visiting from green monday.

  5. Ooh, that's a lot of water save. Simple idea for a mom but a great help for our environment. thanks for sharing sis. See you on monday again!

  6. will send you some questionnaire sis for featured eco-mom. meron lang akong problem with the site, i'm currently fixing it.


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