June 30, 2011

Hotel Sogo Project: PILLOW FIGHT

Pillow Fight is a campaign to gather the largest number of individuals to register for the WORLD’S LARGEST PILLOW FIGHT. The goal is to break the 3,706-strong existing world record with 5,000 and more in the Pillow Fight Day sometime during the fourth quarter of the year. A wave of Pillow Fight Happenings will run from July – March to engage students, the general youth and young professionals to register as United Fighters.

The campaign will also launch Pillow for A Cause, a fund-drive to benefit students, colleges and universities with a campaign for environmental concerns.

Why Pillow Fight? Popular among youngsters in sleepovers and summer camps, Pillow Fight as a game creates an instantaneous energy, camaraderie and bond between friends and strangers. Having it done outdoors by young adults makes it transcend its age and special limits, thus promote a new kind of fun activity for the youth of today. As of date, participating in Pillow Fight Flash Mobs is becoming a craze in Europe and the US.

Relevance: Aside from being a good unifying activity, its importance lies mainly in creating a channel where young energies are directed towards positively tackling social and environmental issues which the project advocates.

Project Components: Project Pillow Fight Team will go around and setup booths in universities and colleges around the Metro from July to March. There will be two kinds of Pillow Happenings in schools – “Pillow Fight segments” in student organizations/council activities and “Pillow Fights” induced by the students.


  1. what a fun way to create environment awareness:)

  2. Oh! Pillow fight pero baket walang kumalat na feathers? Di ba dapat ganun? Yun parang sa MTV. Hihi.

  3. Pillow fighting is not just a fun activity, it can also be therapeutic. Nice for Sogo to come up with this campaign. Never been to Sogo, ok ba dun?;-)))

  4. Pillow Fight!!!! Coool! I wanna join!


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