June 27, 2011

It's Not Too Late To Wear Those Boots

Being born with short logs (err...) legs, it has always been my frustration to wear those to-die-for boots that we normally see in glossy magazines. Last year opened my eyes (wide enough, even if it's too chinky) to realize, that my legs are too short, err again, that life's too short not to enjoy and try new things. But before plunging into wearing one, I read a lot about it, and asked stylists like Dona Cuna-Pita when I attented BDJ Rendezvouz about the basic dos and donts in wearing boots.

This mid-calf black boots of mine have been to places and events, such as:

Kaos Press Con

"Be bold, be brave, get out of your comfort zone, live JOYfuly as if it's the end of the world."
---Joy Mendiola, 6/27/11

(wow, I've my own quote na, sosyal!!! har, har, har!)


  1. Ms.Joy naman saan yung short legs naman..you look good lalo na nung nakaupo kayo wearing brown..nasa nagdadala..ako ayeeee..never tried wearing one hiya ako hahaha..nice one ms.Joy :)

  2. Sexy boots.. I love thme! If only Manila is a little colder. Just a little! Yung tipong mild winter lang like HK. Hihi.

  3. sexy u nga tingnan eh!!!parang nasa london lang bloody boots!!

  4. naks may quote na si JOY :) ehhehehehe fav ko n ang joy mo from now on :))


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