June 27, 2011

Latest Addiction

Shopping Bag

I'm not a bag-a-holic, nor a shoe-a-holic, but I am a flip-flops-a-holic. Lately, John has been showering me with my latest addiction: slippers, flip-flops, or whatever name you want to call it. These are gifts that I MEGA, SUPER APPRECIATE and LIKE!!! Ipanema GB Butterfly Collection.

It's super comfortable and stylish. Even if my legs are short (as my husband would tease) I feel and look that my legs look (ohhh) so sexy. Pagbigyan nyo na ko, my birthday is coming...


  1. your legs are sexy naman talaga sis, flawless pa.

  2. Thanks Rossel! Pero di yan sexy, di lang kita ang kabuuan, hahahahaha!

  3. we are the same Ms.Joy I go for comfortable shoes..pero may konting heels ang hilig ko po..but I peeked on your link hala the black and white one was so cute..ay lapit na ang birthday kelan Ms. Joy? ako month of July hehehe..advance Hapi Birthday :)

  4. wow amg ganda ganda naman neto!! bakit namiss ko to i comment? nde b to naka link sa mamee and me fashion ko? :P


Thank you for the joyful comments!