June 23, 2011


Staying at my Aunt Linda's place during Christmas and Summer Vacations meant playing Monopoly with my cousin, Ate Ricci. I love this board game so much that when I started earning from my very first job I bought one for my younger siblings, Jubert and Liezl.

When Jubert started working, it was his turn to pass on the Monopoly legacy to our nephews and nieces. In 2005, I asked Nonoy (as we lovingly call Jubert) to give Julia and Rafael Monopoly as a birthday and Christmas gift. Though the board is divided into half, it's still functional, and we play with it from time to time. Why I like this old-fashioned Monopoly? It gives me that bank teller feeling ( when I was young I wanted to work for a bank). The more serious reason why I like this is that, it helped my kids learn Math manually at age 5. Downside: When Julia and Rafael were younger, they can't play with it by themselves, because it involves counting paper play money. John and I, if elder cousins drop by, have to play with them.

When Ate Ricci came home from her school vacation in 2009 (she's a pre-school teacher in the US of A) she gave a newer and more high-tech version of Monopoly to Rafael, Julia and Juan.

It comes with a credit card and a credit card swipe. Now, kids can play on their own for there's no paper money to hold on to.

The Monopoly game board consists of forty spaces containing twenty-eight properties (twenty-two colored streets, four railroads and two utilities), three Chance spaces, three Community spaces, a Luxury Tax space, an Income Tax space, and the four corner squares: GO, (In) Jail/Just Visiting, Free Parking and Go to Jail.
Why I like Monopoly in general? Many of the games we play in life are similar to Monopoly such as counting money, investing in properties, traveling, and solving problems. It helps develop a child’s business strategies, teaches sportsmanship, patience and good sense in handling money. Like in life, Monopoly also often contain an element of chance, whereby one has to accept that life is not always a bed of roses...sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. In most cases, when you're struggling to get by in the real world, how well you understand the game compared to other players will give you a big advantage, but luck will also play a part. As I always say, the happiest person, coupled with a winning positive attitude will guide a player to a more joyful Monopoly game time. Much of success in playing Monopoly revolves around two main elements - level of understanding and chance. And often, it's the more sophisticated players who'll win, with chance deciding which one of them will walk away with the more houses, hotels and money.
After the game of Monopoly, expect whining from a losing player (child), and lots of smiles from a winning kid (and a winning MOM too!).


  1. wow!! monopoly....i dnt know how to play that yet but my husband is always telling me n bibili sya nyan pag medyo malaki n ang kids and he will teach my kids daw :D good for futiure businessman!! Tahnks for sharing :)

  2. this is what i will buy for yahmir as his birthday gift in August hihi

    hello tukayo!


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