June 14, 2014

Happy Father's Day, Papa!

My father, born Roberto Soriano Alberto, married my mother at an early age of 17. They were of the same age so both of them were not able to go to college. Having no college education to back him up, Papa worked at odd jobs, starting as a bus driver in Pasvil Transit (now called Vilfran Bus), and as a 12-wheeler truck driver in a paper line company.

At age 23, my parents have 4 children already so Papa decided to work in Saudi Arabia as Bodyguard-Driver of a Sheik/King. It was during that time that we lived a comfortable life. A lot has changed when Papa became an OFW. Though money wasn't scarce anymore, we missed that opportunity of having a father at home, thus whenever he comes home for a month's vacation, it seems that we were strangers with him. We communicated via letters and cassette tapes (which takes a month or so to reach us), naturally, the father-children bonding didn't developed-well.

(Papa and Mama with kids, from left, front row: Ate Che, Kuya Bob, Me, Ate Rose)

Rose, Sheila, Bob, Joy, Jubert, Liezl
Though Papa is not the malambing "sweet" kind of father, he has shown us his love by sacrificing for us, working at a far away country is no easy feat! Papa, on the other hand, is a very thoughtful father. I remember when he was still working in the Philippines, he never goes home without "pasalubong" (surprise/treat) for us. Papa is also a conventional father, very strict at some point. We were not allowed to laugh as loud as we want, we were to seat properly all the time, and we were not allowed to go to parties. Suitors were a big no-no too!

After Papa's stint in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he worked (three terms) as Barangay Captain. I am proud to say, that he was able to help his constituents the best that he can!

Papa will be turning 65 by August 6. He's not that strong as he used to be. He has medical conditions that needs closer monitoring. My siblings and I pray that God continue to bless him more years for this is our time to give him back the love and sacrifices that Papa gave us when we were young. All I can is that I'm very thankful for this life because of him, I LOVE YOU and  Happy Father's Day, PAPA!!!
Mas maganda pa kamay ng Papa ko sa kin, hehehe!


  1. nakakainis namimiss ko tuloy tatay ko kahit mahigpit din un lam ko mahal na mahal ako nun!!! Happy happy father's day sa lhat ng mga tatay!!

  2. your papa, my tiong berting, isn't just a good father...he is a kind and helpful uncle, too. i can still remember how he painstakingly drew for us (me and my siblings)when our school works require such...he even made those creative,inexpensive lanterns for our school projects! (it sends tears to my eyes to reminisce on these memories...ang bait talaga ni tiong berting!!!) he was so generous with his time and talents:-) kaya mababait din mga anak nya, eh :-)


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