June 1, 2011

Revisit to Tam-Awan Village

Our first visit to Tam-Awan Village was in 2008. My husband, having penchant for wood carvings, art and paintings, love this place so much. So we've decided to revisit Tam-Awan this year.

A lot has changed, first of, in 2008 we were greeted and toured by a guide but none this year. The place looks a bit lonely than our last trip. The bamboo bridge that our kids love, was not there anymore. It's forgivable, because Typhoon Pepeng hit Baguio badly last year.

The beautiful huts needs total repair

The many wood cravings that were scattered around the place are fewer now.
Though certain things never changed, like when men (and children too!) wants to play pretend, and look crazy on photos...
...women can still pose and take as many photos as they want.

Tam-Awan Village may not be as beautiful as when our first trip. Arts and paintings may have vanished when Typhoon Pepeng hit, but the spirit of this place will live on. Still worth visiting, I must add.

A bonus, accidentally meeting a neighbor and a friend, Gerry Giolagon, whom I last saw some 25 years ago.

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