June 6, 2011

Zoocobia Fun Zoo (The Story)

Once upon a time, there were three little cute owls named ZOOC, COBI, and BIA. Their mom flew away to look for food. Suddenly, a strong typhoon hit their homeland and blew them away separately far from each other. Zooc fell to areas with lots of exotic animals around. When Zooc grew up, he became intelligent and loves to play with his exotic animal friends.

Cobi was blown into the Barn House, where he grew up as a caring one with his ruminant friends

Bia fell unconscious into a flock of birds, she learns to sing along with her fellow birds.

One day, they began to miss each other, so they brought their friends. They even met some little Aetas as their human friends. From then on, they called their place ZOOCOBIA FUN ZOO, where exciting things happen everyday.

Special thanks to JOEMAR DEANG for assisting and touring us joyfully!

Zoocobia is a two-hour drive from Manila via SCTEX, located at Sacobia Clark, Pampanga.

Entrace fee: P300 (this include the entrace for Zoocobia and Paradise Haciena)


  1. wow nice story ha looks really nice ang place!!!

  2. Sabi ni Ayex after niya makita itong post, WOW Mommy gusto ko jan! Oh ha. :)

    Love the story. Wish we could also visit the place ourselves.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. thanks so much Ms. Joy!very much appreciated! come back soon for our new attractions!:)

  4. My two older kids been here, courtesy of school field trips. But for the bunso, I'll see to it that we all go back to Museo Pambata on a family visit. With no time constraints and their parents' personal "annotations" :-)


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