July 7, 2011

The 10 Best Decisions a Woman Can Make

The women of today feels as though her life is a constant struggle. There are lots of important matters to attend to - family, carreer, friends and so on. One of the most difficult challenges any woman faces is the expectations of our families and our responsibilities in the world with that of our inner needs for personal and spiritual growth. Despite all efforts to be the best in all aspect that she undertakes, still a woman feels inadequate. Reading the 10 Best Decisions A Woman Can Make helped me re-evaluate and re-direct my life as a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sibling, a friend, and as God's child. I have read and listened to many self help and inspirational books in the past, books that tell you that you can achieve anything; you are all powerful, blah blah blah.

Why I like The Ten Best Decisions a Woman Can Make? The author and motivation speaker Pam Farrel points out how every woman can be successful without being too hard on herself. Pam's writing is both practical and spiritual, she picks out the things that matter most to women, and the daily struggles they go through and applies God’s word to them. This book accompanied me in most of my doctors' appointments, it made my medical check-ups more enjoyable. Waiting time didn't seem to be too long and boring having this book on my hand. The book has 10 chapters, each expounding on the 10 best decisions. Each gives a solid advice supported by scripture and offers thought-provoking questions at the end to help the reader check and balance the best decisions she wants to make for her life. Each chapter is about 20 pages, totalling the whole book at 256 pages.

I highly recommend this book to women who are on the crossroads of deciding which road to take.

Price: P 250.00 (US$ 5.56)

Cover: Paperback

ISBN: 978971009055-6

Available in OMF Bookstores


  1. Hmmmm....I think I should buy a copy!

  2. Ate Chel and OSenorita: this is a MUST read book.

  3. hopefully i can get a copy of this soon... will check it on NBS_subic :)

  4. thank you for the info.Ms Joy I love to read self-empowerment books po..my parents are elders of victory christian fellowship so I have really a wide selection of books..I will definitely buy this book..cguro naman meron sa pcbs or national bookstore..thank you ms.Joy

    magandang umaga po :)

  5. i love that book! can you give me one on my bday? LOL

  6. interesting yan sige pa borrow na lng pag naka pag drop by me sa house nyo.


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