July 18, 2011

Being In Prison

This is Ate Lou (Luisa Mozar), we met at Grace to be Born last year, where she volunteers during weekend to care for the babies and some pregnant moms. Ate Lou has since became my prayer warrior. At times when I am feeling low, an inspirational text message from Ate Lou will just pop in my cellphone
Ate Lou

This is Ate Glo. She has been visiting and sharing her time with the detainees of Mandaluyong City Jail for almost three years now. Ate Glo's life is a story that must be told. She used to be in the upper middle class. She has big business, travels any where in the world by whim. She told me she has forgotten to be good to other people. She was a bad boss to her house helps and her business staff. She also forgot her responsibilities to God, for she thought she had the world on her shoulders. One day, she went bankrupt. In a snap all her worldly possessions were gone. Though living a poor life, Ate Glo confessed to me that she has found true joy in sharing her time to strangers. Every Saturday, Ate Glo visits the inmates of Mandaluyong City Jail, she even takes time to buy the inmates whatever her meager money can afford.

(Ate Glo, being a shy person, refused to have her photo taken, she opted for this shot)

This is Bing (Jesusa Primicias), whom Ate Glo asked for help to carry the heavy pot of lugaw (rice porridge) she was to bring to the inmates one Saturday. Since then, Bing joins Ate Glo whenever she can.

Ate Lou and Ate Glo are strangers with each other. It was Ate Lou who met Ate Glo's sister in a boat going to Zamboanga. They talked for hours until Ate Glo's sister told Ate Lou that she should meet Ate Glo for they have the same passion in doing social works. Ate Lou and I on the other hand, have been meaning to meet for the second time, and so last 3 Saturdays ago I joined their mini group at Mandaluyong City Jail. All four us have been connected by a Higher Power. Anyone who'd like to share in any way please visit my new blog, focusing mainly on joyful giving. It does not have to be material in nature - your time and effort visiting a stranger in dark and lonely places will be much appreciated.

Being in prison is not an easy feat. These inmates may have done terrible mistakes in the past, and that they deserve to be there. But as the Bible says, 'I was in prison. And you came to visit me.’ A woman inmate hugged me and said, "salamat sa pagdalaw nyo".


  1. this is such a touching post Ms.Joy..I also experienced cooking arrozcaldo when we were on a medical mission dati sa church and a reward was the smile and hugs of people saying thank you for your presence..love lots po..

    Morning ms.Joy..God bless you and your family po :)

  2. I too dreams of being able to do social work someday. Buti ka pa nasimulan mo na.

    Maybe when my kids are older and I am a better time manager.

    Keep it up sissy!

  3. My sister Ruby does this kind of ministry with churchmates...maybe I should try it, too...and broaden my ministry.

  4. wow!these kind of people really worth remembering,an angels on earth. When I was in college I'm very active attending outreach programs it really helps me to be a better person, appreciate and learned to share even the small things that I have. I hope someday I can bring along my kids in this event.


Thank you for the joyful comments!