July 24, 2011

Bigger and Better Mcdo - Boni, Barangka Branch

Last Saturday, July 22, I was fortunate to be invited to cover the re-opening of Mcdonald's Boni-Barangka Branch.

Ribbon-cutting spearheaded by the Mayor of Mandaluyong, Benhur Abalos

Definitely a bigger and better Mcdo.
They now have a party area that can accommodate 100 people.

My family and I used to just drive-thru or take-out here because Mcdo Boni Barangka had a smaller dining area before. Now, with bigger, brighter and cleaner place, I can even meet my clients and friends here for a hot cup of coffee or chocolate.

What's best about Mcdo Boni-Barangka? I don't have to bring a car or commission a cab, for it is walking distance from where I live.

As early as 6am, customers lined up to beat the first 100 customers because as a treat to their loyal clients, Mcdo gave away 100 Big Mac for the first 100 customers. Well, Mcdo actually gave up to 200, to accommodate the long line.

Ronald Mcdonald and Mcdo's Sales and Marketing Team

With my date, Juancho, who woke up very early just to make it at Mcdo

Thanks a bunch ANN for the invite!!!

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  1. So that's how the new McDo looks like...the stores in our area are under renovation and I'm intrigued at how it's gonna look like. I'm pretty nationalistic but am undeniably a McDo lover :) Mas type ko talaga lasa eh, yun lang yun! Basta may McDo sa isang lugar, solved na ako :)


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