July 5, 2011


My sister-in-law, Ate Peth (John's sis) and her kids are vacationing in Manila. They're based in Texas, US of A. For some family bonding we brought them at Sonja's Cupcakes last Wednesday.

Because it was already 10 in the evening, this is what was left for us to choose from...

It took awhile before our cupcakes were served (understandable, the servers were tired from the whole day selling) so I did some shots, with John trying to entertain us all...

Red Velvet Vixen is the only Sonjas cupcake I can eat (minus 3/4 of its icing). Since this is
Audrey's favorite, I had to give way.

Dylan had Chocolate Surprise


  1. ang harot ni fafa John kaya na re RAPE eh! :))

    nice fam bonding sis! mwah! thanks for joining!

  2. Your husband is soooo wacky! That's why you look so young, happy ka parati.

    I'm joining Family Time this week with this entry. Hope you can visit.

    Hope to see you soon again also. Advance Happy Birthday!

  3. I make my cupcakes from scratch and I love the red velvet ones I make. I want to try putting a filling Im thinking just more cream cheese frosting inside?? But how does an average cupcake corer cost?

  4. Those cupcakes looks divine! I've been wanting to try Sonja's cupcakes. I love cupcakes but my daughter only eats the icing.

    Visiting via Family Time. Here's my entry: Family Time in Burger King

  5. Ahehe! Ang kulit!
    This is a late visit from Family Time .

    Hope you can also join us at Messy Go Round meme. Thank you!

  6. Daddy John made me super smile (can't love kasi I have sleeping girls na). :D

    Masarap nga ang Sonja's cupcakes but I find them a bit pricey. *Kuripot mode*

  7. mouthwatering dessert!!!!love it, ang kulit ni John pero I noticed something may dalaga ka na at mas sexy sya c julia girl naka shorts nice bagay sa kanya..big girl na c ate.


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