July 9, 2011

Doctor's Appointment

Aside from shopping and window shopping, hospital/clinic hopping is one of my me-time. There are 3 hospitals I frequent for 3 different conditions: Makati Med for my Thyroid, Capitol Med for my Endometriosis, and Victor Potenciano Med for whatever condition that needs immediate medical attention. I go alone for my medical check-up, normally very early in the morning so I can go back home to have lunch with the family.

There are times when the doctor won't be able to attend to a patient immediately for more emergency reasons. So I've learned to make use of my time wisely while waiting to be called:

1. Bring a book that you haven't finish, but been meaning to.
2. If you're not the bookworm type, a PSP may be of help, or whatever gadget you have.
3. Find a friendly face among co-patients waiting in line and converse with them. Sometimes a friendly smile from a stranger takes away the pain, boredom and sadness.

This is Bien, who accompanied her 82 year old father for a check up. Bien is a former dancer of Vicor. For those who are young, Vicor is a popular dance group in the 80's. They were big during that time, more like Sex Bomb of today, but they were composed of men and women dancers combined. Bien works for Joy Cancio (also a former Vicor dancer) in the HR Department.

Tatay, at 82, is still very sharp and strong, though having trouble hearing (It's okay, I understand. I'm 38 in 4 days, and I'm having trouble hearing at the right ear). Tatay talked about his heydays. It's so wonderful listening to old folks! The wisdom they impart enriches my soul. They even give you a glimpse of how you want to be when you grow old. A two-hour conversation with Tatay proved to be one of the most JOYous hospital trip/me-time I've ever had.

4. If you can't find a friendly face who's willing to have a chit-chat, resort to numbers 1 and 2.


  1. I always do your 3rd advice :D I actually do that with tourists when I'm at the train but I never got the chance to take a photo... :) Thanks to this, I'm now confident to write about those people I met at the trains :D

  2. well I'm doing that also but i never visit a doctor without someone by my side and of course since m pregnant I frequently visit my doctor next time I'll bring my cam para mag pa picture din un lang d ko pa nagawa nice idea girl.


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