July 27, 2011

George Javier

On the way to meet some friends in InterContinental Hotel in Makati, we met George Javier at the lobby. I was happy because this guy is one of the most underrated comedian in the Philippines. I like his style of making the audience laugh.

We were all laughing at the photo below, because I asked my husband to come join George and I for this photo. John shook hand with George and said, "hi, yeah you're the brother of Jim Paredes of Apo Hiking Society. George replied, "uy salamat, ang gwapo ko, masabi nga kay Jim magkapatid kami". John, was of course pertaining to Danny Javier, but we were in a hurry, John interchanged Jim and Danny's name.

George "Dyords" Javier is one of the funniest man in Philippine showbiz.  He did several starring movies in the '80s, such as Tolongges, Stepanio and Tulume, Alyas Zorro. He is part of ANGFourgettables (with Isay Alvarez, Bimbo Cerrudo, and Pinky Marquez). He is also a singer, actor and a hip-hop artist. He is the brother of Danny Javier of Apo Hiking Society.


  1. Dyords, as well as his brother Danny, is one of our witty comedians...he reminds me of my HS classmate (our salutatorian) who looks like him and is a comic like him. I can still remember him as Sikyo:)

  2. maybe your hubby got starstruck. i remember him, yeah.


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