July 11, 2011

My Heart Goes to Andi

Andi Eigenmann's pregnancy is all over the news lately. Yesterday, as I was ironing my kids' school uniforms, I watched Mark Gil's interview with Boy Abunda at the Buzz. I can feel his frustration towards this boy who impregnated his daughter. It is different when a father shed tears for his child. Dads, unlike us moms, are more logical in handling their emotions. Thus, we don't see them cry easily, and when they cry for their children you know that they are really hurting.

I salute you, Andi, for keeping your baby!!! You are brave enough to stand up and face the world. Some would resort to aborting the baby just to keep their careers. You are one tough young woman!

This brings me to the shirt Ate Lou was wearing when we met again for the second time. I remembered Andi and all the other women, who despite of difficult, confusing and complicated pregnancy chose to keep the life inside of them.

I have many friends, who up to now cannot bear a child. I see them still trying. They go extra miles, literally speaking, going to US, UK, albularyo, prayer groups just so they can fulfill their dreams of becoming a mother. I, for one, had difficulty conceiving due to endometriosis. It annoyed me to hear that this 'boyfriend of Andi gave her an abortive pill, all for the sake of his upcoming career.

If all that has been said about this boy is true (hitting Andi, telling Andi to abort the baby - these and all) I only have two wishes for him: may he change for the better and be a man enough to accept his mistakes and ask forgiveness. If he cannot do the first, may he lose his career so that he may learn that not all things that glitter is all that matters in this life!

My emotions are running high, forgive me my dear readers. This is not my usual writings. I have only one daughter, many nieces and many goddaughters, I wouldn't wish any of them to have a spine-less boyfriend like this guy.


  1. Magandang umaga Ms.Joy po..same here I was also hooked watching Mark Gil's interview..I couldn't believe Andi's bf giving her an abortion pill grrrrr..life is so precious..I also go for Andi..all of us go through different stages in our lives and this is only a part of her journey..I am sure she will survive and move on because of the people around her loving her :)

    **breakfast Ms.Joy po :)**

  2. Ms.Joy done na po..I have sent you a mail :)

  3. I've always liked Andi. I'm confident that she will survive this ordeal with flying colors and she will emerge as a stronger, wiser, better person. For that "spine-less" ex-bf, may he be surrounded by sensible people to guide him to the path of righteousness. He sure seems to be a confused, lost boy.

  4. I didn't see the interview but I saw the trailer, and my heart goes to andy and her family too.Trailer pa lang naiiyak na ako.
    Plus abortion?!? they just don't know the pains and trials couples go through just to bear a child. I should know, we went trough series of tests, trials and errors just to have a baby. I hope he believes in Karma...

    I just wanna share:

  5. Oh my gosh! Andi is pregnant?! I'm glad she decided to keep the baby!

    I hope the guy who impregnated her has his balls cut off. And I hope he never has a career!

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog.. :) I hope to see you again! :)

  6. grabe!!! san ko to mapapanood? grabe n lalake yan ang alam nya lang ay sarap....pag andyan n ang hirap ay inaayawan n nya?? gosh! what kind of man is that????

  7. I did not see the interview but from the start that they new broke out, I felt proud of Andy for keeping her child.

    And I agree, lots of other couples do everything just to become parents and it dismays me that there are just who resorts to easy way out schemes for accident babies.

  8. I admire her for being tough at her age ilan lang ang magdedecide to keep the baby, specially with her blooming career. Napaka irresponsible ng father buti na lang at d na sila.

  9. i feel bad and sad for andi... i liked that girl, way back since i saw her on that agua bendita soap...

    sobrang bata pa kasi nila... i'm sure the boy is not in his wits at all... too early consumed by show business...

    i haven't been able to see or watch any of the interview... i think the common cliche most people will attribute this incident to, is with mark gil's own karma now manifesting since his own 'young and carefree' days nung nabuntis din n'ya si jacqueline jose...

    altho, that should be besides the point now... i am glad that andi seems to have strong support from her parents and perhaps, the other people around her, despite this... she managed to embrace the blessing in the face of very trying moments... she will be ok...

    i just hope the baby didn't suffer from anything because of the hitting!!! i hope the boy hits his head to proper senses, very soon, too!

    - gaye


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