July 6, 2011

Of Being a Mannequin and a Doll

I'm not a fashionista. I can't pull off a nice get up without asking my husband. I'm the type of person who goes for comfort more than anything. My choice is always geared towards denim pants and a shirt. I get cold easily, so I always have jackets or scarf to keep me warm, especially when attending events in Hotels.

I attended Toy Con Press Con last June 5 at Eurotel Hotel wearing this....

At Toy Con Event in Megamall last June 18, I saw this lovely (but expensive doll!)
from Japan

Hanging around at Rustans last June 20 I saw this outfit worn by a mannequin

Our common denominators: White shirt, black leather jacket, denim jeans and a scarf.


  1. nice outfit! looks just like a tourist in the Philippines!

  2. Ms.Joy you look pretty po..it is not actually on how trendy an outfit is..it is on how you wear it with confidence..sabi nga nasa pagrampa :)

    passing by po gudnyt Ms.Joy :)

  3. wow parang nasa london lang sana nag hat ka din para bonggang bonga...


Thank you for the joyful comments!