July 8, 2011

Of Love and Other Drugs

Just finished watching this great movie from DVD I rented at Video City, starring Academy Award Nominees, Jake Gyllenhall (Supporting Actor - Brokeback Mountain) and Anne Hathaway (Actress - Rachel Getting Married). Anne is Maggie, a free-spirited young woman, diagnosed with Stage 1 Parkinson's Disease. Jake, is a charming Pharmaceutical Salesman, commonly known here in the Philippines as Med Rep.

This is one of the sexiest movie of the two, both showing some skin here and there. Jake, oh my Jake, he looks so cute!

I find some scenes super funny and realistic. My husband worked as Med-Rep in Sanofi for four years, so I know how hard this job can be, specially meeting the quota/sales target.

This movie made an impact on me (not just because of Jake....okay, well I rented it primarily because of him, happy?) but the fact that the movie showcased the goodness of people. And that in the end, whatever happens in life, love will endure even the most painful situation there is.

SYNOPSIS: They leap into a no strings-attached affair and discover they share a sexual chemistry that rocks the bedroom. But no matter how they try to keep things casual, Maggie and Jamie can't help falling under the influence of the ultimate drug - LOVE!


  1. Been wanting to see this movie...then forgot about it..now you're reminding me. Thanks!!!

  2. ay you will never know tlaga when to fall in love even the most organized person dba pag dating sa love everything fall apart. I'm gonna watch this movie.


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