July 26, 2011

Plants Vs. Zombies Fever

Some weeks ago, I read from Michelle of Mom Friday how her kids love Plants Vs. Zombies. This reminded me of this long forgotten post. My kids wanted me to blog about it, I refused for I have enough of this Plants Vs. Zombies fever at home. For the love of my children and my friend Jes, I'm doing this post as my entry to Toy Stories.

(John bought our kids these toys. The board is made by Julia, out of styrofoam)
John convinced me to try and play. So I did, twice. And twice we didn't eat lunch because I got zombie-fied! After that, I didn't play again.

(Julia here playing at the desktop. We only give them 15 minutes each to play during Fridays and Saturdays)
These are VERY EXPENSIVE Plants vs. Zombies stuff we found at the Toy Con 2011. I warned John not to buy it..or else...(LOL)

This mug at P250.

What many gamers don't realize is that Plants vs. Zombies started out as a sequel to Insaniquarium, a strategy game that involves growing an aquarium's population while simultaneously protecting the fishes from an alien invasion. PopCap recently shared some original concept sketches for with us, and the evolution from sequel to fully original title is fascinating.

According to the game's creator, George Fan, the development team wanted to create a game that was pretty different from Insaniquarium. "We knew we wanted to significantly change up the gameplay for the sequel," he said, "and [we were] leaning toward it to being more defense-oriented than the first Insaniquarium. During that time I was also playing a lot of tower defense games in Warcraft III, and realized that they had this innate appeal that made me think of fond childhood memories like building forts out of sofa cushions and watching Swiss Family Robinson. I really wanted to capture that appeal, and once I realized that plants and zombies made a much better theme for this game than fish and aliens, I shifted from creating a sequel into creating a whole new game."

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Toy Stories


  1. My boys had outgrown Plants vs. Zombies already; they're into Angry Birds now. These games bridge the big age gap between my young boys and their already adult Kuyas.

  2. My daughter is addicted to Plants vs. Zombies! I want to get those cute stuff for her :)

  3. well before I'm not into it, but guess what after several weeks I got curious so I played it for several nights till midnight, i just stopped when i got pregnant. I bought my kids a shirt with plants vs. Zombie from a bazaar (transfer it)it's a stall wherein they sell shirts with different stickers design to choose from.

  4. wahahhaha ang cute!! anu b parusa ko kay jhon? ahahah binili p dn eh :)) LOL...gaganda naman nyan....:D


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