July 31, 2011

Sigh No More

Here's a blog I frequently visit, A Life's Journey. The admin or author of this blog is Sie. We haven't met personally. Sie frequently visits and comments here in my blog. It is a silent agreement (and an ethical thing to do), amongst Bloggers to visit back their sites when they do visit.

One thing I've noticed about Sie's site are the beautiful photos, designs and music inserts that she does. Sie is one tough woman, battling many unhappy memories, but at the end of the day, she manages to put on a smile on her face (that's how I imagine her to be). I like positive people - they are positively infectious, and I like Sie!

When Sie learned I was celebrating my 38th Birthday on July 12, she sent an advance greeting and told me she's a July baby too. Being born on July, I have a soft spot for people being born on the same month.

Why am I writing about Sie? I know many people who's life are almost perfect and yet, they waste their time looking for things beyond their grasp, focusing mainly on the negative. People who's lives are comfortable and still they are unhappy because they are selfish, that they cannot even extend a hand to the needy.

Learning about Sie's life makes me realize that I am not that strong. I have minor medical conditions that needs monitoring but Sie's health condition is way beyond serious than mine, and still Sie continues to live every moment of her life the way it should be - a loving Mom to her 2 kids, a forgiving person, an encouraging blogger. And most of all, I like her because Sie sigh no more despite of what she has gone through in life. I am hoping one day to meet her in person.

Sigh No More
Mumford and Sons

Serve God love me and mend
This is not the end
Lived unbruised we are friends
And I'm sorry
I'm sorry

Sigh no more, no more
One foot in sea, one on shore
My heart was never pure
And you know me
And you know me

And man is a giddy thing
Oh man is a giddy thing
Oh man is a giddy thing
Oh man is a giddy thing

Love it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you,
It will set you free
Be more like the man you were made to be.
There is a design,
An alignment to cry,
Of my heart to see,
The beauty of love as it was made to be (x4)


  1. hala Ms.Joy I am surprised po..thank you po ms.Joy..iyak ako oh..salamat po Ms.Joy *hugs*..

    love you po..eh wala po akong kapatid para ko na rin po kayong ate..salamat po mwahhhhhhh :)

  2. So sweet.. seriously, it's a sweet thought.

  3. Sie, we're sisters from different mothers..hugs, hugs, hugs for you!

  4. Ate Chel, yes, please do visit Sie's site.

  5. cheers!! to both of you!it's nice to meet positive person but then u can't stay away from those nega's lets face it we have to deal with them.

  6. just visited sie's site...I was blessed...she writes from the heart...as you do, too!


Thank you for the joyful comments!