July 30, 2011

SM Hypermart - Shaw/Kalentong Cooking Demo

SM Hypermart - Shaw/Kalentong is a 5-minute brisk walk from my family business, but it was my first time to visit the place last Thursday to attend SM Master Chef's Marathon Cooking Demo, showcasing innovations in culinary products and cooking aids. I was amazed at how big and clean the place is.

Chef Jonathan Chua, Product Applications Specialist of San Miguel Purefoods Culinary Center, headed the cooking demo. He finished his culinary education in California Culinary Academy, USA.

Chef Jonathan did a demo cooking on Peaches and Cream Caramel Trifle, Star Ranchero Rice, Cheesy Hotdog and Fries Sandwich Overload, and Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice

Musical entertainment were provided by SM Hypermart - Shaw/Kalentong Staff

There were five lucky participants who brought home goodies from the raffle.

SM Hypermart seek to unite all the diverse sects of foodie-dom under one banner. The following months will prove exciting for foodies, chefs and onlookers as the store attains to bring culinary excellence to every corner of the country. Watch out for other SM Hypermart cooking events happening in different locations.


  1. Hello Ms. Joy..super big nga po yung Sm Hyper sa Shaw noh compared d2..but I'd rather go to Sm Save More kasi po..Hyper usually has items packed..they usually don't have individual items..eh mabilis po magsawa kids ko..I also enjoy cooking demo's po Ms.Joy and my kids go after the free taste afterwards hahaha..

    passing by po :) morning..raining..lamig po *hugs*

  2. hi girl nice place, actually makro yan dati sayang kse d naging successful iba tlaga pag naging SM na. super clean and spacious d pa me nakapunta e try ko nga.


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