July 29, 2011

Tips on Buying a Used Car

Honda Jazz is my dream ride. It's compact yet spacious. It has a powerful engine, plus the lay-out of the instrumentation is very nice. The overall aesthetics is very trendy for a woman. As of the moment, I'm driving an Innova, which I find difficult to maneuver because of its big chassis or body. My husband and I decided to get an Innova so we can bring more family and friends in our out-of-town trips. My Events and Hosting business (also my blog events) requires me to go from one place to another but driving an Innova is impractical for it consume
s more fuel.

I finally found my ticket to owning my dream car, it may not be necessarily new, as long as it's a Blood Red Honda Jazz. Philippine second cars is not that bad if you think of it. Though, one must be very careful in buying one.

Here are some tips if you wish to buy a second hand vehicle:

1. Decide on a vehicle that you want or need
2. Survey the market for prices and availability
3. Call the vendor to confirm certain issues such as, maintenance history, mileage, and other matters.
4. Arrange for a meet-up to visually check the vehicle. I suggest you bring a trusted mechanic to check the vehicles engine. Test drive the car.
5. Ask for the registration (Original Receipt and the Certificate of Registration)
6. Double check with LTO the O.R and CR. to confirm that you're not buying a hot car or a stolen car.
7. Finally, if you've decided to buy the vehicle, the vendor MUST provide you a deed of sale.


  1. Buying a used car can be real tricky...done that twice and I don't feel like doing that again unless the owner is selling his car because he is migrating...but a Honda Jazz in bloody red, hmmm...my dream car, too. ; )))

  2. Thanks for joining sis. You may win that car. Hihi. Joke lang. Muah!


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