August 4, 2011

An Act of Delicadeza or a Play of Conscience

I was out the whole day yesterday and I wasn't able to watch the news. The resignation of Senator Miguel Zubiri is now a hot topic.

Yahoo News wrote, 'the lawmaker submitted his resignation during a privilege speech at the Senate on Wednesday. Zubiri resigned due to allegations of electoral fraud by his rival, lawyer Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III, who lost against Zubiri for the 12th slot in the 2007 senatorial elections."

Senator Miguel Zubiri's resigantion could mean two things, an act of 'delicadeza' or a simple play of conscience. Senator Zubiri may or may not be directly involved in the said case, whatever it is, it is a welcome development for the on-going investigation on both 2004 and 2007 election fraud.


  1. hi there! sayang naman ano pero kung yung ang desisyun nya whatever the reason behind it ay pasya nya yun...:)

  2. sayang talaga, ganun talaga pag family ang affected eh!!

  3. I think it's the practical thing to do in his predicament. Won't help him any to be sentimental. He seems like a good legislator, maybe the next senatorial elections in which he plans to run in will be kinder to him...he deserves a second a less controversial setting. Yung win na win talaga! :)

  4. well better late than never...sayang magaling pa naman sya at maganda rin naman ang reputation nya. Anyway he doesn't need to be a politician if he really wants to help and serve. Gumawa sya ng mga project or mag sponsor sya sa mga events para d sya makalimutan ng mga tao. After all marami pang election na darating.


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