August 3, 2011

Bundles of Joy

When I was young, I never wanted to be a mother. I was afraid. I actually do not want to be married or have a husband, but then I met John. So, I said, okay, just a husband. After 2 years of being married, we both wanted a kid or two. But we found out I had endometriosis, so there's a very slim chance for me to conceive.

December 8, 2002 is the date of the births of two perfect babies, a boy a girl, fill a mother's life with joy and light. God works in mysterious ways, we were blessed with twin kids, Julia and Rafael.

(Julia and Rafael at 8 months, they're now 8 years old)

Below are photos of my favorite actors and actresses, local and international with twin kids:

Brad Pitt, even when he wasn't a big start yet, was already my favorite
(Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with twins, Knox and Vivienne)
Julia Roberts, my all time favorite actress, hence the name of my daughter---Julia
(Julia Roberts and Danny Moder with twins, Phinnaeus and Hazel)
Not a big fan of Jlo, but I like her performance in the movie Selena, and of course, the envy of many---her great body!
(Mark Anthony and Jlo with twins, Max and Emme)

I like Aga Mulach's cuteness, even in his 4os, he still looks boyish.
(Charlene and Aga with twins, Andres and Atasha)

I instantly like Carmina when she appeared in the Jollibee commercial as Aga's sister, then in Palibhasa Lalaki as Richard's sister, and of course in Bubble Gang. I also admire her for being strong during the toughest time of her life with Rustom Padilla, now BB Gandanghari.
(Carmina and Zoren with twins, Mavy and Cassy)
Last but not the least, Chiz Escudero...oh my Chiz! Ang galing managalog. Magaling din pulitiko, but when I met him in Fullybooked, Edsa-Shangri-La Hotel, he never spoke in Filipino...maybe he thought I was a Chinese national.
(Chiz and Christine with twins, Joaquin and Cecilia)

My Children, My Heart

© Lisa Beattie

Her laugh rings through me like a thousand bells.
The soft sweet way her little head smells.
His smile so bright, his giggle so sweet.
His precious tiny fingers, his chubby little feet.
What filled my days before, I do not know.
I've so much love within me, from inside my heart I glow.
A beautiful new world has just begun.
For in it, is my beautiful daughter and my handsome son.


  1. adorable babies! (julia&Rafael) ngayon ang lalaki na nila..

  2. love you Ms.Joy..passing by..have a great morning po..we are blessed as day I wish to have someone also beside me to take of our kids..having a complete family..tulo po luha ko..prayers helps and I have always believed in miracles..*hugs*

    God Bless You and your family ms.Joy..God is good :)

  3. You are blessed to have beautiful kids Joy! :)

  4. You are blessed with such wonderful kids. God works in mysterious ways, doesn't He?

  5. ay ang CUTE CUTE sis!!! love the pics heheheh :D PERFEct!! may TWINS pla sila ANGELINA? anu b yun totoo n nila kids?

  6. My daughter's name is Julia as well kasi favorite ko rin si Julia Roberts. My 2nd naman is Julie because of Julie Andrews and Amy Adams as Julie in "JULIE & JULIA" ;)

  7. I was just thinking how wonderful it is to have twins, though maybe difficult at times.
    Twice the effort . . . but double the JOY.
    Cheers to you!

  8. Thanks Giay, Renz, Jhari, Jes, Pepper, Mitch, Bed, Hon, Sie for the visit and comments on my Bundles of Joy post

  9. My own identical twin sons, Nicco and Martin, are turning 25 next month. I must admit I wanted twin daughters instead as my panganay is a boy...or one boy and one girl at least...but God has other plans for us. Now I am looking forward na lang to twin grand daughters, hehehe.

  10. "When I was young, I never wanted to be a mother. I was afraid. I actually do not want to be married or have a husband..."

    funny tho, that if ever i'll have children... i've always dazed upon having twins... girl and boy din para quota na agad... hahaha...

    i'm still on that relationship crossroad 'til now... sana i get to overcome it like you did... i'm slightly a bit overdue with making the decision... cold feet pa ren... and i keep making mistakes in choosing the man :-P

    i do hope we find each other soon...

    - gaye

  11. baby pa lang ang gaganda na ng babies nyo! may pinagmanahan talaga :-)

    i like brad pitt's fatherly sense (if that's an apt way to put it)... not a huge fan of angelina jolie but i admire her strength as a woman...

    katuwa to find out how you came up naming your daughter julia :-) love julia roberts too!

    selena was supposed to be jlo's character in the back up plan, right? i can't really remember the exact details... tho, i loved the story... and her philosophy about the lucky coin... i try to practice it :-P

    the charlene-aga family is nice... i like charlene... beautiful kids... and keep wondering how both charlene and aga manage to keep looking ageless!

    finally... i have to second on loving the carmina-zoren family... i just love them! yap... ever since the ol' jollibee commercial, too!

    sana magtagpo na rin kami ng sarili kong zoren!!! hehehe...

    - gaye

  12. ang cute ng mga twins,at lalo na pag boy and girl, atleast isang hirap na lan


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