August 4, 2011

Cupidity Book and My Own Cupidity

Cupidity is written by Hayley and Michael DiMarco. They enumerated 50 stupid things people do for love. What's best is that they gave pointers on how to avoid 'cupidity' (stupid love).

Why do people do stupid things for love? Smart people are not exempted, because sometimes it's the smartest person who's more stupid when it comes to love, right eh? Get this book if you're suffering from cupidity and wants to be free from it. Whether you're single, dating, in a relationship, newly married or married for a long time, you have at one time or another, done unthinkable acts in the name of love.

Price: P 250.00

Available: All OMF Bookshop

Here's an example of my cupidity:

In 1992, I met this cute boy at my cousin's wedding. When the wedding photos were developed, I asked my cousin if I can have 2. I cropped my picture and this boy's picture, these were 2 different photos- him with his friends, and me with my cousins. I pasted are photos, as if we were together, and that his hand was on my shoulder. I photocopied the cropped photo, then sent it to him. Weird stalker, right? Good thing sya napangasawa ko, otherwise I'll look really stupid. We'll be celebrating our 18th Anniversary on Sept 11.

(This is the original cupidity photo I made, carefully preserved. This is also a great ice-breaker when we have new guests at home )


  1. You, funny girl! But I suppose all of us who have been in love have done "cupidities" at one time or another. Otherwise, love wouldn't be as much fun!

  2. loved the new word "cupidity". would be perfect for a meme. hehehe. nice young couple photos.

  3. hahaha grabe ang ganda ng pagkakagawa sa photo e!!

  4. funny... i think i wanna look for this book... i could relate in quite several levels...

    my friend and i also connived to do a similar antic... siguro mas modern lang cause i used photoshop to put them together in one pic to serve as her daily inspiration... well, it wasn't exactly the same happy ever after story as this one on post... but, yah... that is cupidity! :-P

    - gaye

  5. haha!!!ang lihim ng larawan eto, at ang pagiging obsessed nI joy k John (evidence 101).

  6. wahahahhaha kalokah!!! :)) ang cute namanng love story!! :))


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