August 2, 2011

Finding Refuge and Strength

Classes have been cancelled today due to typhoon. When typhoon hits a country, many schedules are changed. Just like when life's storm's come, people find it difficult to go on with their lives.

Here's a book you might want to get, it'll help and encourage you on your day to day living.

“Don’t wait until your world is falling apart to take refuge in the only real stronghold. Do it day by day!” - Harold J. Sala

Bestselling author Harold J. Sala’s newest devotional leads you to find security in God’s promises. Be encouraged each day with Scripture passages, inspiring stories, and sound guidelines for living.

Start the year absolutely assured. Know in your heart that God is the only security you will ever need in this uncertain world.

Price: P 250.00

Cover: Paperback
Available: All OMF


  1. Harold J. Sala can always be counted on with inspiring and insightful lessons in almost any aspect of our lives.

  2. wow... your recent posts are so relevant to me right now... i wanna look into this book too... where do you buy these?

    - gaye

  3. very interesting to read,there are times that we really need encouragement because of some unwanted events that come into our life that you can't control or don't know what to do about it.


Thank you for the joyful comments!