August 17, 2011

Grateful for Johnson's Baby Cooling Bath

I am the kind of person who likes throwing surprises to people close to my heart. Giving gifts, cards, small tokens, letters and a visit are my ways of letting them know I care and love them.

That's why it makes me grateful and joyful when others would do the same for me. In particular today, I'd like to thank Johnson's and Nuffnang for sending me this very nice parcel, Johnson's Baby Cooling Bath.

Along with this nice surprise is a a letter from Johnsons containing the following:

The rainy season brings so much humidity, you might be looking for a way to keep your child feeling and smelling fresh. The weather can also be fickle-minded — there are days when it's raining non-stop and there are those days when the sun is high and piercing. Your child can get so sweaty when exposed to the heat of the sun. During these times, you need a new way to keep cool! With the new Johnson's Baby Cooling Bath, you (yes, you too!) and your child can be instantly enveloped with its mildly cool sensation and lasting fragrance. It has natural honeysuckle extracts that refreshes skin. You'll readily feel it upon pouring on your hand. And more importantly, did you know that even at the age of four, your child's skin is not yet fully developed? This means that harsh soaps can leave your child's skin dry and irritated. Your child might not be a baby anymore, but his/her skin still is. So to keep your child's skin smooth and healthy, bathe your child with the gentle and thorough care of Johnson's Baby Cooling Bath. Enjoy lasting freshness during and after every bath with Johnson's Baby Cooling Bath!


  1. I love the scent of this new product. Just finished giving a shower to my daughter using it. So cool!

  2. oh so cute ng presentation may basket pa love it.Excited tuloy akong paliguan c zoe using the product at bagay yata sa mga kiddo para laging fresh kahit pawisan parang wala pa yan sa market kse bath milk binili ko.

  3. love johnsons, was using this since i was a child...
    cute naman ng lalagyan.. my fave color!

  4. I do try other brands of baby products out of curiosity...but I always end up going back to the old reliable J&J. Good that Johnson's comes up with new scents and variants. My fave for my kids remains their pink lotion...great for their sensitive skin. Will try this new product :)

  5. I would like to try this one. My little boy is so pawisin, usually at the end of the day maasim na :D

  6. wow LOVE k ng nuffnang :D ehehehehe


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