August 25, 2011

Letting Go and Forgveness

There are relationships that we so wanted to keep, be it friendship, marriage or a job. But oftentimes people forget the clues or signs that the relationship has to end. And oftentimes too, these signs are fate's way of saying, I have something better in store for you, all you have to do is to let go.

One of my favorite line comes from Benjamin Button movie. When the tugboat was sinking, and the Captain lay dying, with his last breath he said, "You can be as mad as a mad dog with the way things went. You could swear, curse the fate...but when it comes to the end, you just have to let go".

I am not an expert on relationship. I have flaws. I'm imperfect. Here are my simple and practical ways when one must know when to let go.

Job/Work: If you find yourself not performing the tasks you are being paid for and you lose interest in all matters pertaining to your work.

-When you find too many faults with your friend.
-When you feel being hampered or burdened by your friend rather than being uplifted by his or her company.
-When honesty is compromised in exchange for selfish comfort.

-When you have fallen out of love with each other.
-When you have outgrown each other because marriage is not only about love,
it is also about companionship.
-When there's too much irreconcilable differences that you cannot stand the sight of each other, thus respect for each other is lost, and when verbal or physical abuse is present.
-When you have exhausted all possible means to work things out and still you find yourself uncomfortable with your spouse.

Lastly, one must realize that letting go is not an easy thing (hmm, parang linya ng kanta, teka tanungin ko si husband anong kanta yan). Yes, letting go is hard without totally forgiving the situation and the person.


  1. ehe..I so can relate Ms.Joy..a relationship have to end talaga if it is not worth for keeps..when it is for mere companionship and no love is existing anymore..if you have no respect that leads to hurting someone physically and is time to let go before it becomes worst..

    On friendship..I do agree..ako rin Ms.Joy honesty is so important for me..I hate liars..and I don't know but when someone lies it would be so hard for me to regain that trust again..

    Yes..letting go is never an easy thing but it has to be done for healing to start..

    passing by Ms.Joy..magandang umaga po :)

  2. Yes, Sie, relationship in all forms, should be one that inspires us.

  3. There's no use of holding on if you've realized that you're the only one holding on. It's time to let go and begin the painful journey of accepting.

  4. I always find it hard to let go...what works for me is to retain a person as a ministry. Nilikha pa rin ng Diyos kahit pasaway na talaga minsan. Minimize na lang ang encounters as much as possible ;-)

  5. hay! hirap nyan! madali lang sabihin n let go pero deep inside it's killing you!! it hurts you hurts!! lol. i am so affected.


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