August 26, 2011

Made it at Mommy Milkshake

Finally, after 5 years of wanting to join and run at Mommy Milkshake, presented by Mommy Mundo, I made it last August 14. This is my second run for the year.

(with Janice Crisostomo of Mommy Mundo)
I was happy to see Olga, she even brought my be-lated birthday gift.
Television personalities who joined the family run:
Patricia Hizon, who came with Vince and their boys
Christine Jacobs-Sandejas, came with her whole family.
After the run, a breastfeeding talk was held, headed by Abby of La Leche League, and four of us (all happy and proud breastfeeding moms).
The youngest running participant(a month old baby)
The biggest number of family members who run

Winners for the 5K
Winners for 3K
sunday blog meme


  1. Wow! I hope to join next time. I just need a running show. All I have is a walking shoes kasi. LOL.

  2. yey! happy to see you running this time, hihi.. ang cool ng outfit mo!

  3. miss this one, nxt time, i will join ung pang mommy ulit,love to run for advocacy

  4. aguy for sure thi day PUYAT ka pero tumakbo ka!! :)) hheheheehe

  5. sarap naman nyan...ako nde p nakaka experience nyan..soon pag mainit n here sali kme mag anak :)


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