August 31, 2011

OJ's June and July Top Commentator

This post took two weeks to accomplish. I had a hard time thinking what to tell. Occasions of Joy's June Top Commentator is none other than Ms. Chel De Vera Mariano. She is my cousin. Her mother and my father are siblings.

One of the many reasons why I'm thankful having this blog is that I get to know more people from here and abroad through their comments. Ate Chel, for one, commented on many posts and gave me a glimpse of her life as well.

In between the ages of six to ten, I used to stay for a weekend at Ate Chel's house but we were not close. She seem busy all the time back then, and I found her 'suplada' or a snob (peace Ate, I told you this during our meet). Through OJ, we became closer.

Last August 19, our schedules met and we were able to sit down and talk (a lot!) about many matters - our childhood, parenting, marriage, health and so on,and on, and on...

Another post would be more fitting to introduce her and share her life story. For now, here are what we did:

An Intense Diamond Peel at Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center

Then we dined at Penang Hill - Shangri-La Mall

Since Ate Chel is also OJ's July Top Commentator, she brought home the book,


  1. Just wanna thank you for the great time together. I also learned a lot from and about you, through this blogsite and our date. And "snob" that I may seem (LOL!), let me assure you and the readers that I am a frequent visitor of your page not because we are cousins but because I find it worth my time. You write from the heart and you sure have many good ideas to share about just about anything. Keep it going, gonna be here until you are :)))

  2. Thanks, Mom Jes! Hope to see your name in the winner's list next time :-) Let us all continue to support OJ.

  3. ako naman ngayung september!! tignan ko kung anu gagawin mo skin!! :))

  4. Go for it, Mommy Jes!!! Fastbreak ka, ah!!! :-)

  5. wow, awesome... congrats po sa inyo.. stay healthy.


Thank you for the joyful comments!