August 21, 2011

Toy Stories: DARTS

When introducing your kids to darts, start slowly with the safest option available—Velcro darts. When the darts are thrown at the board, they stick. If your kids are a little older, though, this is where a magnetic dart game comes in. Magnetic darts consist of a metal dart board and darts that have small magnets attached to their ends. Dart games are very inexpensive, usually starting around one hundred pesos or less.

In our case, this particular magnetic dart Julia and Rafael are playing, I got it as a prize from Nicquee’s daughter's 1st Birthday. This is a game that can even be played by toddlers, and enjoyed by parents, too. Keeping score isn't necessary, but keeping scores helps the children do Math while having fun.

Benefits of Playing Darts:

Games that require throwing and aiming at targets improve hand-eye coordination

Playing darts develops math skills.

Builds children’s confidence and focus

Safety Tips

Never let small children play with real darts.

Never allow toddlers to play with plastic darts.

Keep all parts of your child's dart set together and accounted for. Some pieces can be small and easily swallowed by children. Make it a game.

Always supervise your children when they play darts, better if you join – it adds more happiness

Keep the dart set out of your child's reach when not in use.

Teach your children not to throw darts at people, animals, or anything not meant to be hit by darts.

Teach your kids not to walk in front of the dart board while others are playing, and to always stand behind the person throwing.

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  1. When my daughter was little, she used to have one of those velcro darts, but she didn't appreciate it then. It slowly gathered dust in the farthest recesses of her toy chest. Now that you've mentioned the benefits playing darts gives kids, I just might get her another one :)

  2. yay!! i love darts too! si husband may dart sa bahay nung binata p sya :D heheheh dina dart ako este nag da dart kme :))

  3. i like reading your bogs.. i find it very informative and interesting, i'm learning..

  4. My boys have the same Toy Story dart set...and Cars, too. Jaden gets to practice his counting with them :)

  5. nice naman pero kids now a days sa dami ng toys and other stimulus e mabilis magsawa sa isang bagay. lalaruin for a while then la na dyan lang d na papansinin.

  6. Yay! When Ayex saw this, she said she wants one! I forgot to leave one of the darts for her. Hihihi. She has the velcro one though.

    Thanks for the linky.

  7. Hi Pepper! Thanks for dropping by, and commenting.

  8. Jes, alam ko yang dart na yan..dinadayo ko din ang dart ni John noon. Malaki yung dart nya, matibay at matatag, kahi ngayon, okay pa din. Gumagana pa, after 18 years, parang walng pinagbago.


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