September 15, 2011

Comida China de Manila

Have you ever heard of the word "comida china"? Older folks out there may know what it means, but younger generations may not have even heard of the term. Comida China is a Spanish word, which means Chinese food.

In July this year, the Torres family, which run Panciteria San Jacinto-Pasig and other restaurants like Mom and Tina’s and The Red Rickshaw Restaurant in Pampanga, decided to change the name of Panciteria San Jacinto to Comida China de Manila. Comida China de Manila is located along E. Rodriguez, Jr. Ave. (C5) in Pasig City, almost across Tiendisitas and Fun Ranch.

Comida China de Manila is a favorite destination of Chinese food aficionados in the metro. Big Chinese families, Pinoy families on weekend feasts, regular foodies, office workers in the area and seekers of good Chinese food pay regular pilgrimages to the place to satisfy their palates. I am one fortunate individual to have been invited yesterday to sample its flavorful dishes.

Having a talk with Comida China de Manila's President, Mr. Benny V. Torres, was a privilege. Mr. Torres explains,We chose Comida China de Manila as our new name because it is representative of all thepanciterias of that era. Besides, the restaurant has evolved into something more than a panciteria. To begin with our Pasig branch, a full service 400-seater restaurant, is well appointed and comfortable. Our menu remains faithful to the classic Cantonese fare served in Binondo, complementedwith new dishes put together by our Chief Cook who began his career in the very first Panciteria San Jacinto restaurant along T. Pinpin Street. The new name will also suit the vintage Manila look of our interiors, which is in the works.” Mr. Torres adds, “Panciteria San Jacinto was one of the famous and favourite destinations for “comida china” since the pre-war years (it was first established in 1894), and we have been privileged to keep its legacy going through the years. We are happy to have revived the name and identity of the famous restaurant. We are also proud that we have taken its cuisine to new heights and made Panciteria San Jacinto’s comida chinaavailable to younger generations, thanks to our joint venture with its original owners”. Mr. Torres concludes, “It’s part of our mixed culture. The food itself and the names of the dishes are all part of our history. Perhaps through our new name we will be able to make younger generations become more aware and proud of our colourful past and the interwoven influences in our history”.

Catering and in-house feasts are all still part of the Comida China de Manila offerings, I particularly like the Coca Cola Function Room which houses the Reyes' Matriarch's Coca Cola premium item collections.

For more details about Comida China de Manila, visit Comida China de Manila on Facebook or call 671-5942, 914-0832 and 914-0830.


  1. My Tatay would love, I am a bit wary now of Chinese foods...sarap talaga sana but most of the time I suffer from Chinese resto syndrome after dining in one :(

  2. Hmmmm...OMG i love the foods on the TABLE!!! yum yum!!!

  3. I love chinese food...dito sa Palawan walang real chinese restaurants.


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