September 13, 2011

DIODE Experience

First had my Diode Session on October 21, 2010, it changed my perception about this procedure. I so wanted to lose those unwanted hair on my underarm area, but it took me years to finally go ahead with it. I heard many horror stories about laser hair removal in the past, such as skin being burn, the hair grew fast than the usual, the result is just the same as waxing and more. Naturally, because of those negative feedback from friends, I did have my second (or more) thoughts about Diode Treatment. Little did I know that Diode and Laser, some call it LPL, uses a different machine. Diode uses a more sophisticated machine, as explained by Dr. Mary Amy Fatima Cagayan, Clarity's Resident Dermatologist. One MUST also take into consideration the skin clinic where you plan to have the Diode treatment. Read, investigate, ask family and friends before finally signing up for any treatment you might be interested in.

The procedure could not be simpler. You lie down, raise the arms, the clinic attendant will clean the armpit, shave the hair (if you have not done this yet), then apply a cooling gel. The dermatologist will then perform the Diode Laser Treatment which will last for 15 minutes tops. After the treatment, you will be given instructions and take home topical creams (if necessary).

My Diode treatment:
2nd session: November 25, 2010
3rd session: January 12, 2010
4th session: February 17, 2011
5th session: April 27, 2011
6th session: July 20, 2011

Notice that the dates has dramatic gaps? That's how effective my Diode treatment is. Nowadays, I don't worry about whether to wear sleeveless blouse or shirt at any time.

Cost: Php 3,850 per session
Procedure time: 15 minutes
Where: Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center

With Dr. Cuyugan
Olive, Clarity's Clinic Staff who assists Dr. Cuyugan during my Diode Treatment, is one of the nicest person in Clarity


  1. If and when I decide to try that procedure, it would definitely be at Clarity:)

  2. expensive po Ms.Joy..I have no problem naman po with my underarms what I am achieving to have now and saving is to have my teeth whiter..ehe..25k expensive huh..ang mahal magpaganda hay..

    magandang umaga Ms.Joy.. :)

  3. Would it be a different case with super balbon like me? :-)

  4. namiss ko to....ang mukha ko grabe ang GASPANG pede n LIHA-in!! huhuhhuhu sana may work n ko at sana makapag pa beauty namna here :P


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