September 22, 2011

Embracing God's Purpose for My Special Child

The author, Malu Ortiz, shares her journey as she learn to embrace God's purpose not just for her Down syndrome daughter Clarissa, but to her and their whole family as well. Malu shares many practical advice and qouted useful resources in each chapter. The book is filled with with testimonies from other parents of special children, on how they embraced, coped and lovingly accepted their special child.

Be inspired by this book, as Francis J. Kong said, "I have given so many parenting seminars all over the country I've
lost count as to how many I've done so far. But one of the best experiences I had was when I gave a talk to the parents of special children. There is just something special with the love the parents have for "their special gift" from God. But this kind of parenting journey is littered with a lot of triumphs and tragedies along the way. Malu's book digs deep into the heart. She articulates her feelings and experiences so well it is a must read for all parents. This book warms the heart."

Price: P 195.00

Cover: Paperback
Available: OMF Lit Bookshops


  1. Parenting in itself is not an easy task. More so if when one has a "special" child to raise. Educating ourselves makes the challenging task less difficult. I am glad that there is another book that comes up with a Filipino parenting experience that Filipino parents can relate with better.

  2. Wow another book :) it's yours? nice naman :D

  3. Ate Chel: yes, this book is great kasi written by Pinay, for Filipinos.

    Jes: Yes, I have a 2 copies, courtesy of OMF. I'm giving it away din for book giveaway contest, hopefully next month.

  4. hmmm so international b iyan?? alam mo pag nag rereply k dito nde namn namin nababasa....nabasa ko lang kasi bumalik ako....ask mo iba Blogspot bloggers panu maglagay ng plug in n pede mabasa reply mo ng mga commenter mo :)


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