September 16, 2011

Help Your Child Excel Through Brain Fitness

Brainfit Studio is an innovative set of learning programs that focuses on Brain Fitness is being introduced in the Philippines. Strong brain fitness builds mental foundations needed for life-learning success for achieving strong academic grades. With fit brains children find it easier and more enjoyable to learn new things, be it subjects in school, languages, or new skills like ballet or golf. Along with a sense of accomplishment is higher self-esteem and confidence. The rest is a happier child.

The innovative learning programs are designed to specifically address the 5 pillars of cognitive development namely attention & memory, visual, auditory, sensory-motor and social-emotional. The key principle is that fit brains learn better.

BrainFit Studio believes that the first step towards a healthy brain is via the CognitiveMAP assessment to identify one's strengths and weaknesses across the 5 brain pillars using standard US-qualified testing methologies. Based on the findings, appropriate programs are recommended and personalized to each person's unique abilities.

Currently being introduced in the Philippines, BrainFit Studio is already a popular and trusted name in neighboring Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
More than 80% of parents report improvements in their children within 10 weeks. Many children not only perform better in school but also demonstrated higher self-esteem and greater interest in learning. One parent in Singapore, for instance, enrolled her 11-year-old child initially in the SMART Listening program which resulted to improved alertness and better grades. Aside from continuing with his SMART Listening program, the kid has also taken advantage of the SMART Vision program.

Parents should seek a strong learning foundation fast by enrolling their children at BrainFit Studio, providing innovative brain fitness learning programs in town, whose programs are suitable for children and teenagers between the age of 4 to 18. The center is located at the 3rd floor of the Metrosquare Bldg., 224 Ortigas Avenue, San Juan City. Interested parties and enrollees can call 7258500, 0917-5991992 or you can email at You can also visit their website

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  1. Kudos to those who work hard to come up with innovative ways to maximize our children's learning...making it an enjoyable and less stressful activity for the young ones. But I believe that the best motivations still come from the parents' devotion and dedication for their children.


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