September 22, 2011

Juan's Twin Brother...

Having twin kids runs in my family, both in my husband's side and mine. John has twin male cousins. I have twin male nephews via my cousin, Ate Chel.

Just 3 weeks in conception, the doctor told us we were having twins. John and I were elated. It took us 9 years to have a baby. In 2005, I got pregnant (unplanned) with Juan. We were hoping to have twins again, then I will opt for ligation, but then we only have one baby (that's why we called him Juan).

Last summer, while buying donuts at SM Makati, Juan kept tugging on my shirt, saying, "Mom, look at the boy outside, he looks just like me". I didn't mind him at all because Juancho tends to be too 'makulit' at times. When Julia (our ever soft-spoken, well-mannered daughter) came near me and whispered, "Mom, look outside. The boy looks like Juan Juan". I looked outside and saw Juan's twin brother from another mother.

I asked the boy's mother if I could take a photo of them together. When I pointed Juan to the Mom, she gushed and said, "oo nga, parang kambal sila!". Turns out, the boy (forgot his name) is Japanese, born and raised in Japan. Was only in the Philippines to visit his Filipina Mom's family and relatives.


  1. Amazing!!! And yes, we look Oriental from the Soriano-Alberto side of the family. I always get asked if my 3 younger kids are Japanese, Chinese or Korean. Will be on the lookout for my boys' twins, hehehe. But then again, they are each other's twin already. Replica of each other sila eh.

  2. ahahahahahhah!! uu nga mukhang magkambal!! same p hair!! ;))


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