September 26, 2011

Make Your Child Feel Loved

With our busy lives full of work and other occasions, it can sometimes feel like we need to make grand gestures to let our kids know they're loved. In reality, parents don't need to spend a lot of money. Remember, "it's not the activities, but the energy behind the activities that makes a child feel loved", says Doris Jeanette, a licensed psychologist in Philadelphia.

Often times, making your child feel loved is as simple as paying attention. Kids love it when mom or dad hug them, play with them, walk hand in hand, and even sincerely looking at how they draw or paint makes them feel loved.

The amount of attention and love you give your child will bear fruit in the end. The children will grow up smarter, more confident, kind and cheerful.

It's no wonder why kids love Barney. Barney means play. Kids feel so much love when parents take time to play with them.


  1. I agree Ms.Joy..a hug to your child can always make them feel loved most specially my kids who have gone through a traumatic experience from my ex..showing them how much I love and care for them in all ways is the best thing that I can do..sometimes being a single Mom can give you so much inner strength and it comes from your kids loving you back :)

  2. Yes, Sie...more than a hug, we must also verbalize our love for our kids. Thanks for the visit...

  3. oh yes! we should not only hug them, but also tell them how much we love them.


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