September 21, 2011

Mini but Might: The Bull Runner Mag

I used to run when I was in elementary and high school during sports festivals. That explains my big logs, err...legs. I had to stop in college to concentrate both in school and work. After giving birth to my twins in 2002 I gained a whooping 62 lbs. Then I gave birth again in 2006, which added an additional 10lbs. I thought of running again but the lack of motivation kept me from doing so. Until I came across this mini but might magazine, The Bull Runner, in 2009. TBR features reliable running techniques, arrays of running gears and gadgets that is helpful to newbie and old-time runners alike.

Although I only joined race/run this year, I am confident I gained enough knowledge from reading TBR. It is also great that TBR features popular people's running stories (like my favorite Drew above). It motivates an ordinary mom like me to run farther and better.

(at Mommy Milkshake)

(at Alaska Fun Run)

A little trivia: TBR was created by a mom (yes, like me!). Jaymie started her blog in 2007 to share her passion for running. Since then, has received thousands of hits and bagged two awards at the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards.

The Bull Runner is a FREE quarterly magazine that you can get from Runnr (Bonifacio High Street), Second Wind Running Store, selected Mizuno outlets, selected Toby's outlets, R.O.X. (Bonifacio High Street), all Starbucks branches, Paul Calvin's Deli, Mizuno Run Clinic, Moro Lorenzo Sports Center, Miguel del Prado.


  1. I wanna run, but I wanna run together with my friends, I had a n experience before that I ran alone.

  2. I wish I have the determination like you heheheh.

  3. ahahay ang cute ng photos nyo mag family :D love it! ako d ko p naranasan tumakbo si hubby lang natakbo...puro GAPANG lang alam ko :)) bwahahhaha!!

  4. Joy, the logs, er...legs are yours through genes...I have that, too...and I never run, hehehe! Lampain that I am, I am not into sports mags, except when they are free ;) But I am into drinking water and I saw that there's an article on hydrating...maybe I'd grab a copy of TBR.

  5. Ate Chel: Yes, the logs runs in the family. Julia used to have have skinny legs, now at 8, naku po showing na ang muscles.

  6. Okay lang 'yun. As Uncle Tito had said about Tita Linda's "logs", those are part of what attracted her to him. JJ adores my logs, too. And I suppose John feels the same way with yours? So,'re gonna win your own Prince Charming with those logs, hahaha!!!


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