September 5, 2011


Last August 22 I wrote about my son, Rafael, who's feeling very sad because Pooh is getting older and all. Well, it's no wonder why Pooh looks tattered, because come September 11 this stuffed toy will be turning 16 years old. It is the same Pooh my husband gave me on our second year anniversary. Many times, when Rafael shows sadness because of Pooh's condition, my husband stitches the part that needed to be repaired.

What can a mother do to appease a lonely child?
I got Pooh a new Pocoyo Baby Apparel, along with the other Pocoyo apparels that I gave away to OJ's August Top Commentator and a very dear baby close to my heart, CJ. Now, Rafael feels a lot better, and Pooh looks more presentable and fashionable! Hence, the title of this post: Pooh + Pocoyo = POohCOYO

Tips on how to take care of stuffed toys:

1. If they have a cut or tear, stitch them up immediately
2. Vacuum your stuffed toys, it removes dust and dirt.
3. If they are way too dirty, give them a bath by putting it in the washing machine, or better yet hand wash it yourself.
4. If they aren't too fluffy anymore, poof them up with a hair dryer.
5. Give them a dry bath every once in a while by sprinkling baking soda over it and letting it sit for fifteen minutes. Then just sweep off the baking soda.
6. And just like what I did, buy them clothes.

Pocoyo Apparels are available in Landmark & Robinsons Supermarket Ermita, Novaliches, Pioneer & Pampanga, Pocoyo kiddie apparels would really make an excellent addition to your children’s wardrobe. They are soft, comfortable and with great Pocoyo designs to choose from.


  1. hello sweet naman po..Ms.Joy you can repair Pooh po and bring it back to it's original condition..I am not sure but I think I have seen it sa Trinoma..there is a booth specially made for repairing stuff toys..they will repair and put stuffings and make it like a new one Ms.Joy..try nyo po :)

  2. Ms.Joy I did a research tam nga po ako it is located in Trinoma..Animaland Stuffery has also a branch in Shangrila Mall Manila and Robinsons Manila..try nyo po para marepair na si PoohCoyo po :)

  3. how cute.. hehehe. now pooh is happy with his new shirt.. ;) and your son too..

  4. My two boys love Pocoyo!!! I'm gonna get them those cool tees! Pooh is another fave of them. It's so sweet that Rafael adores his parents' "first baby" :-)

  5. @Sie: thanks for the tip...will check out Animaland Stuffery, trinoma :-)

  6. Hi Joy, Pooh definitely has a sentimental value for everyone in your family, it's just nice to see how you value him as if he were a family member. :)At, na meet ko na siya in person..heheh

  7. looks cute! i feel the sentiment of your son.. i love pooh!

  8. wahahah so cute!!! nice naman love n love mo si POOh kahit n warak na heheheh :D


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