September 3, 2011

Soyami's Alternative Healthy Cooking

I'm a chips-a-holic! But I can't and I must control myself from having too much for my mom suffered from kidney failure (due mainly to eating too salty food). Good thing last year I was introduced to a chips that is low in sodium and cholesterol, high in protein and fiber, and made from soya. It has been my favorite since then. The chips I'm pertaining is Soyami.

Every time I get an invite from Soyami's President and owner, Apple Morales, I make it a point to attend the event. Last September 2, Soyami presented an alternative baon recipes for our school children. The event was hosted by Apple herself, and the cooking demo was done by Pinoy Biggest Loser's Nutritionist, Nadine Tengco. She presented three recipes namely, Sneaky Tuna Nuggets, Mac n' Cheese (with Soyami Pizza) and Smoothies. I'll be featuring the said recipes in my food blog in the next few days.

I was forced (yeah forced) by Apple to volunteer for the Tuna Nuggets. EventualIy, I had fun time molding the tuna. I made different shapes like heart, square, circle, oval and square. I wanted to make a star but due to time constraint I just made a letter J.

Joyful Mommy Bloggers enjoyed the cooking demo while our kids had a blast playing at Active Fun.


  1. thanks for being a part of the event! love it so much! Now I have an alternative baon for my kids packed lunch and meryenda.

  2. uy galing naman nyan!! ehehheh hello nuts! :)

  3. Joy, I love the way you look here, hehehe. Ponytail and eyeglasses good on you :-)


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