September 28, 2011

Tupperware Party Promo

To celebrate Tupperware's 45th anniversary, Working Mom is inviting 45 women to an exclusive Tupperware party with stacks of prizes and freebies to be given away! To be one of the lucky 45 women, all you have to do is join their promo.

Here's how:

1. Write one good story of how Tupperware makes things easier. Send in your name, complete home address, mobile number and occupation.
2. Send your entry to with the subject, Tupperware promo.

3. Plus, indicate if you have a Tupperware dealer serving you at the moment or have lost contact with her.

Deadline of entries is on October 7, 2011. The 45 women will be informed via email from a Working Mom representative. So send your entries now! The party will be on October 22, 2011.


  1. Yay! I wanna go! Hope they pick me too. Hihi.

  2. ay anggaling!! grabe ang tupperware tatak n tatak sa isip ko yan at yan ang pinag kaka abalahan ng mga mommies dati :) ahahahhaha naalala ko tuloy ang kabataan ko :D

  3. email sent already! hope to be included in their list.

  4. my sister is a Tupperware items collector. I want to join the party to know more about the products of Tupperware. :)

  5. The thing with Tupperware, they are so valued that if you happen to leave a piece at a gathering, chances are, it wouldn't be returned even if you had labeled them with your name, hehehe. Kaya ako, nagkasya na ako sa TAPAWARE pag potluck :-))) (A maid bought some for me years ago...and come to think of it, wala na rin pati mga 'yun!)


Thank you for the joyful comments!