September 12, 2011

Why Worry?

Twelve days have passed for the month of September, but I only made around 5 posts. I've been telling John that I'm having a writer's block. Told him also that I'm thinking of quitting blogging. I can't squeeze any juice from my brain. I just feel like sleeping.

Our friend, Arnold, posted this video on his wall. After watching it, I knew what I wanted to write --- encouraging articles. For now, please do watch this uplifting video from a guy with no hands, no feet and no worries...


  1. Ms.Joy ok lang po yan..ah eh if yours is a writer's block then much more with me hala..I only write sometimes twice or once a week lang po..uha uha uha..don't quit blogging po I will miss Ms.Joy..the smiles of Ms.Joy :)

  2. In these hard times, we all could use some encouragement. Keep them coming, Joy!

  3. Aw! nakaka iyak naman ito no? grabe tlga iyak ko nung first ko to napanood :( ang dami daming pinoproblema ng mga tao...puro "sana....sana..." pero d nila naisip n ang suerte nila kahit papano...


Thank you for the joyful comments!