September 22, 2011

What Matters Most for Men

What Matters Most for Men tackles fifty of the crucial life issues, such as, making difficult decisions, trusting God for your future, guarding your soul against temptation, sorting out priorities, glorifying God with your work, relating with others and many more. This is a devotional book that addresses crucial life issues and reveals what is important in life.Each book weaves together reflection questions, real life stories, brief-but-hard-hitting Bible studies, life application ideas, and prayer starters that spur the reader towards authentic growth.

Price: P 250.00

Cover: Paperback
Available: OMF Lit Bookshops


  1. Wow, you're blogging more often again! Keep it up, Joy! Hmmm, am wondering if I can get JJ to read the book above. He's not much into reading books except for science-related ones. Maybe if I will read the book to him...'wag lang makatulog, hahaha!

  2. oh' it's a book? :D hmmm...curious ako anu ung 'matters most' :P

  3. Joy, is it okay for you to give an excerpt or two for the books you share so I'd have better idea about them? ;-)))


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