October 25, 2011

3DMe Photo Novelties

Time flies so fast and before we know it, Christmas is just a week away! The sad part - we haven't finish the gifts list. More often than not, we find ourselves at a loss for what to give to the most important friend, relative or co-worker. Instead of feeling the holiday spirit, we’re stressed out! Going to shopping malls is like going to war - braving the traffic and the throng of harried people trying to finish their own shopping list. Giving gifts shouldn't’t be all that difficult. At the recently concluded Chef's Table First Year Celebration, all the guests were given a photo souvenir. Not an ordinary photo, mind you. It's in 3D and framed beautifully!

Yesterday at L' entrecote, I was able to meet the couple who are behind 3DMe, the classy Gemma Guerrero and her British husband, Simon Guerrero. In a nutshell, 3DMe is the only worldwide company that possesses the technology to convert any picture into a 3D image on the spot. The company has offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. With her devoted team of countrymen, including her manufacturing partners from Hong Kong, 3DMe Manila has already started to make an impact with its growing list of offerings. The company is comprised of people who are highly experienced in 3D software and lenticular technology, R&D, product tooling and testing, in-depth management, business development, and global marketing. The end result? A lovely and creative photo that makes the perfect, touching, inspired and personalized gift.

3DMe has several accessories in which to house that 3D image, making the act of gift-giving incredibly simple. For a dad or mom, a keychain with a 3D image of their children. For a friend who travels a lot, a luggage tag with a 3D image of him or herself that showcase his or her most favorite trip. For the newly wed, a lovely photo frame encasing a 3D image of their wedding. The gift is innovative, personalized, and shows the recipient that the giver really does care – care enough to offer something fun, different and incredibly stylish.

What makes Gemma particularly proud of 3DMe is the talent behind it. The combination of cutting-edge photo technology and Filipino talent “work behind the scenes to make 3DMe an international brand!” she exclaims with nationalistic pride. It is, after all, worthy to note that Filipinos are some of the most passionate and creative people worldwide – and now, thanks to 3DMe and Gemma’s efforts, those Filipinos will get the accolades that they deserve for the brilliant brain power and characteristically passionate Pinoy work ethic that they put into their jobs, day after day. In spite of 3DMe being an international brand with presence in Asia, the UAE, Europe and North America, it has Filipino roots, is Filipino run, and is Filipino supported!

There is no doubt that receiving photos, especially ones as technologically advanced as 3D-rendered ones, is always a pleasure. The best part about 3DMe is that you don’t have to brave crowded parking lots, stand in line at cashier registers, and you’re assured that the recipient will fully appreciate such a thoughtful gift!

For more information and business opportunities, visit www.3dme.info or email at sales@3dme.info. You may contact 403-3180. Visit their office at Seibu Tower, Unit F/G, 3rd Flr., 6th Ave., 24th St., Bonifacio Global City Taguig.


  1. whoa whoa whoa!! i love that!!! that will be the best gift for me!! :)

  2. Wow, 3D Me, I haven't had a photo of this kind or a digital frame.. ang sweet niyo naman ni Papa J. mo hhihi

  3. Jes and Nuts, sobrang cute nga ng 3DMe pics.

  4. amazing idea nice pic with john parang nasa ramph tlaga.....


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